Matthew Petschl

Software Engineer and Web Developer

About Me

Matthew Petschl is a software engineer and web developer in the Twin Cities. He has a long history and passion for technology and learning. He is super friendly, easy to work with and would make a awesome addition to your team of developers. Currently looking for full time employment opportunities. Don’t delay contact today! Please review my resume for more information.

Friend Finder

A qick quiz to tell you witch straw hat pirate are you most likely to be friends with.

Liri Node App

A cool app that let's you look up bands in your area and search for movies and songs.

MN Wild Fan Page

A Website that helps wild fans stay up today with the team roster, buy tickets, watch videos and chat with other wild fans. This was a team project that I work on.

D&D character creator

A wounderful web app that let's you create your d&d characters and keeps track of your stats.